WP Selective Exporter

WP Selective Exporter allows you to export and import individual posts and/or pages (one of them, all of them or any combination in-between).  You can import the exported posts/pages to either the same or another site.

So unlike the Export tool that’s built-in to WordPress, you have much greater control over what gets exported and imported.

WP Selective Exporter has a variety of uses…

Selective Backups

Most site backups work on the assumption that you want to backup and restore the entire site (which sometimes you do).

But it’s also useful to be able to backup specific content – a group of posts and/or pages on some specific topic, for example.  And it’s much quicker and easier to export/import these directly with WP Selective Exporter, than it is to either; copy the entire site’s content and then manually delete what you don’t want, or; do a time-consuming manual copy/paste (of the content you do want).

Repairing/Saving Hacked Sites

Sometimes a site gets hacked so badly that the only solution is to create a new site, and then selectively transfer (non-hacked) content to the new site.

Obviously, you have to be careful not to transfer any hacked content while doing this.  But it’s usually the site’s PHP, Javascript and/or CSS files that get hacked (rather than the posts and pages stored in the database).  So transferring essential posts and pages with WP Selective Exporter, should help you get the new site up and running reasonably quickly, easily (and safely).

Site Upgrade/Re-Design/Overhaul

If your site needs an overhaul – a new focus and a new theme, for example – then creating a new site – and transferring the posts and pages you want to keep with WP Selective Exporter will be much quicker/easier than manual copy/paste.

Separate Test/Development/Staging Site

WP Selective Exporter makes it easy to create posts and pages on a test/dev/staging site (either on the Web, or on localhost, for example). And then transfer these to the live site when they’re complete.

That not only eliminates the risk of users seeing incomplete material (say a whole group of pages on some related topic, for example) – it also gives you an automatic backup copy of your live site’s material (on the test/dev site).

Quick and Easy Post/Page Selection

Exporting and importing content with WP Selective Exporter is just a case of selecting the posts or pages you want to export, and then pressing Submit.  You then save the exported posts/pages to your local PC.  After which you can import them to either the same or another site.

The screenshots right (–>) show how quick and easy the post/page selection and export/import is (click to zoom)…

NOTE!  WP Selective Exporter must be installed on both the site you’re exporting from, and the site you’re importing to (which may be the same site).

Automatic Post/Page Preview

To make post/page selection as quick as possible, the post/page selection screens automatically display the currently selected page.

In “mouse” mode (see the “Mouse” button above the post/page list”), as you mouse over each listed post/pages row, the preview box right is automatically loaded with the moused-over post/page (in other words, the preview follows the mouse).  You can then quickly see whether or not the post/page is the one you’re thinking of (before selecting/de-selecting it).

In “tab-key” mode (see the “Tab Key” button above the post/page list”), the Tab key is captured by the post/page list.  So you can quickly tab down and up through the posts/pages (with one hand), while pressing the space bar to toggle their selection with the other.  And as in “mouse” mode, each time you tab to a page, the preview for that page is automatically loaded (in other words, the preview follows the Tab key).

NOTE!  Accessible users should (probably) use “mouse” mode.  In “mouse” mode, all the keys work normally.  Whereas in “tab-key” mode, the Tab key is captured by the post/page list.  And you can’t tab to the other buttons/links/controls on the page, without first switching back to “mouse” mode (by clicking the “Mouse” button).

The Preview “Height”, “Width” and “Scale” buttons (top right, above the post/page preview box), let you adjust the size of the preview box to best match your browser window.

NOTE!  The “Scale” buttons may not work in older browsers.  They work in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome though (not sure about Safari and IE).

Import Safely (to the Same or Another Site)

When each post/page is imported:-

  1. A NEW post/page is created to hold the imported post/page.  Thus, the imported post/page will never overwrite any other post/page.

    In particular, if you (accidentally or deliberately,) import a post/page into the same site it was exported from, the imported post/page will never overwrite the original post/page it was copied from (and you’ll end up with two post/pages with the same content).

  2. The imported post/page’s status is set to “Draft”.  Thus imported posts/pages AREN’T automatically published (so there’s no risk of imported content getting accidentally published).  Instead, you must manually publish each imported post/page (so that you have the chance to check/correct it, before doing so).
  3. Each imported post/page’s Title has something like ” – imported Tue 21 Oct 2014 18:07:38 (06:07:38) Pacific/Auckland” appended to it (where the date, time and timezone will of course, be different for each import).

    Thus, if you export a post/page entitled (say); “Pirates: Fairytale Rogues or Mass Murderers ?”, it’s Title once imported will be (eg); “Pirates: Fairytale Rogues or Mass Murderers ? – imported Tue 21 Oct 2014 18:07:38 (06:07:38) Pacific/Auckland”.

    The new title is a bit of a mouthful of course.  But it does allow you to easily identify the newly imported posts/pages.  (And generally forces you to chop that ” – imported…” bit off, before publishing the imported post/page.)

The screenshots above right summarise the above (click to enlarge)…

Online Demo

Click here for the WP Selective Exporter online demo…

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