WP Plugin Demos User Manual


WP Plugin Demos allows you to quickly create a demo of your WordPress plugin (or plugins).

If you’re not yet familiar with the basics of WordPress plugin demos – and/or how WP Plugin Demos helps you create them – we recommend that you read this Overview of WP Plugin Demos, first.

The remainder of this User Manual describes how you use WP Plugin Demos to create an online site, that random Internet users can test and evaluate your WordPress plugin from.

Creating a WordPress Plugin Demo – in Four/Five Simple Steps

Creating a WordPress plugin demo with WP Plugin Demos is quick and easy.  Just follow the steps below….


Create A Standalone Demo Site   (optional but strongly recommended)

For security reasons, we strongly recommend that your plugin demos be hosted on a standalone site (completely separate from any other publicly accessible websites that you may have).  If you haven't set up that site yet, we recommend that you do so now (before continuing).

Click here for more details on setting up the standalone demo site.


Install WP Plugin Demos

Since you're reading this screen, you've already done this.

Otherwise, just install (and activate) WP Plugin Demos (as you would any other WordPress plugin).


Create a Demo User (or Users)

You can do this from the Users screen in the WordPress admin section.

Normally, you just need to create a single demo user, as follows (for example):-

First Name Demo Or whatever else you want.
Last Name User Or whatever else you want.
Username demo Or whatever else you want.
Password demo Or whatever else you want.
Role Subscriber Or any role but "Adminstrator" (or one that has the "manage_options" capability).
Email Presumably you want emails (eg; login details and password changes, etc) to be sent to yourself.

Click here for more details on setting up the demo user (or users).


Setup/Customise the Backend Screens (Used By the Demo Users)

Your demo users will log into the demo system using the same login screen from which you login to the site's back-end as "admin".  And once logged in, they see a very simple WordPress admin section (which by default, allows them to do little more than run your plugin).

Both the login screen and the Dashboard page that demo users see can be customised to make your demo more interesting and easier to use.

NOTE!  See the Overview of WP Plugin Demos for a quick introduction to the customisations available.


Add Your Plugin to the Demo Back-End

Once your demo users have logged-in, they'll want to see your plugin listed in the WordPress admin menu (that appears down the left hand side of the WordPress admin screens).  And of course, they want to be able to run that plugin.

To permit this, you'll usually have to make a small and simple adjustment to your plugin's code (in most cases, it's just a single function parameter that needs to be changed).

Click here for more details on how to add your plugin to the demo back-end.


Once you’ve completed the above steps, your demo users should be able to login and run your plugin’s

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