WP Plugin Demos

WP Plugin Demos allows you to quickly create a demo of your WordPress plugin (or plugins).

The following is a high-level overview of what WP Plugin Demos does…

Simplifying the WordPress Back-End

WP Plugin Demos: The WordPress

The essence of most WordPress plugin demos is a very simple WordPress back-end (that allows demo users to do little more than run your plugin).

So this is what WP Plugin Demos does.  With WP Plugin Demos installed, once a demo user has logged-in, they’ll usually see a WordPress back-end like that shown right…

Note that all demo users can do is:-

  • Run the plugin (or plugins) you want to demo, and;
  • Logout.

But they can’t add/edit pages and posts, etc.  Or even access/edit their profile.

So the demo back-end allows users to do exactly what you want them to do – run your plugin.  With no possibility for them to trash/hack your site (assuming of course, that the plugins you’re demonstrating don’t allow them to do that either).

It also eliminates confusion – and allows demo users to focus on the task.  Since they no longer have to wade through a lot of irrelevant stuff to find the plugin they want to demo.


WP Plugin Demos: Example of the WordPress

As a reminder of how much simpler and safer the WP Plugin Demos (demo) back-end is, the image right shows an example of the WordPress back-end typically seen by “admin” users…

Customising the Demo Back-End

WP Plugin Demos also allows you to customise the demo back-end – so as to brand it with your site or plugin’s name for example.  And add help text and instructions for demo users, etc.

More specifically you can:-

WP Login Demos: WordPress login screen with custom header

Adding a Header to the
(WordPress) Login Screen

You can create a more attractive (and user-friendly) WordPress login screen by adding a custom header to the top of it.

That header might display your plugin or site’s name and/or logo, for example.  And/or; the “demo” username and password



As a reminder of the improvement the custom header makes, here’s a example of the standard WordPress login screen (without a custom header).

It’s not particularly user-friendly, since there’s no information about the site or plugin demo beng logged into.  Nor of the demo username and password to use.




Improving the Demo Users
“Dashboard” Page

The “Dashboard” page is where demo users are taken once they’ve logged in.

You can make this page more user-friendly by (for example):-

  • Removing any left-over clutter not relevant to the plugin to be demo’d (and added by WordPress and/or any other plugins and themes installed on the demo site), and/or;
  • Adding a “Welcome…” message and/or instructions for running and using the plugin, etc.

The examples right illustrate the sort of changes that can be made…




Customising the WordPress
Admin Page Footer

Although not as important as the Login Screen and Dashboard customisation described above, WP Plugin Demos also allows you to customise the footer displayed at the bottom left of WordPress back-end screens – as illustrated by the images right…

Online Demo

Click here for the WP Plugin Demos online demo…

How to Use WP Plugin Demos (To Set Up A Plugin Demo)

Setting up a plugin demo with WP Plugin Demos is an easy 4/5 step process:-

  • Create A Standalone Demo Site (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Install WP Plugin Demos
  • Create a Demo User (or Users)
  • Setup/Customise the Backend Screens (Used By the Demo Users)
  • Add Your Plugin(s) to the Demo Back-End

The above steps are described in more detail in the Online Demo and User Manual.

User Manual

Click here for the WP Plugin Demos User Manual…

The User Manual is heavily integrated into the plugin’s Settings screens.  So running either the plugin proper, and/or the Demo above, will also give you access to the core information in the User Manual.

Questions and Support

If you have any questions about WP Plugin Demos – and/or need any post-sales support – please use the Contact Form here.

We monitor submissions constantly – and will reply to most queries well within 24 hours.

Purchase and Download   (USD $19)

Click here to purchase and download WP Plugin Demos…

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