Woo Deals

The main Woo Daily Deals page is here.

Below are some brief notes about the Woo Daily Deals plugin…

Woo Daily Deals allows you to run as many “Daily Deals” type promotions as you want.

Each promotion has:-

  • A Name/Title (to help you identify it),
  • A Start Date/Time and an End Date/Time. These define when the promotion starts and finishes (though you can leave the End Date/Time unspecified if you want the promotion to run forever),
  • One or more Products. These are selected from the products in your WooCommerce store (so there’s no need to re-enter product information for existing products). In addition, each product can have a “deal price”. This “deal_price”, if specified, will override the “Regular” and/or “Sales” price you set in WooCommerce. But if you don’t specify a “deal price”, the Regular/Sale price you specified in WooCommerce will be used.

Because Woo Daily Deals supports “Daily Deals” type promotions, the promotion period is divided into “timeslots”, each one day long. These “days” can start or end at any time during the day (just set the Start Date/Time accordingly). For example, if you wanted the promotion to start on 1 June 20xx, and run from 12:00 midday one day to 12:00 midday the next, you might set:-

Start Date/Time: 1 June 20xx, 12:00:00
Start Date/Time: (whatever), 11:59:59

To create a Product Page – that lists all the products in a particular promotion, just create a WordPress page (or post). And insert the “[woo-deals …]” shortcode into it. See the “Shortcodes” section of these help notes for more details.

The “woo-deals” Shortcode

You can use the “woo-deals” shortcode (in the Visual or Text editors), to display various Woo Deals related information in your pages. The shortcode’s “action” parameter let’s you select what you want displayed, as follows:-

“action” parameter value What it does… Example
single-promotion Display the products on Woo Deals special (in the specified promotion). [woo-deals action=”single-promotion” name=”Xmas Specials”]


Displays the products on Woo Deals special (in the specified promotion).

You must specify at least one of the “name” and “key” parameters, as follows:-

name The name/title of the promotion to display. Eg:-

[woo-deals action=”single-promotion” name=”Xmas Specials”]
key The unique “key” of the promotion to display. Eg:-

[woo-deals action=”single-promotion” key=”524b7041aa4ea”]


  1. You can get a promotion’s “key” from the top of it’s “Promotion Settings” tab.
  2. The “key” field is provided is case you have trouble using the “name” field. This might happen with names containing white space or control characters, for example.

The “columns“, “orderby” and “order” parameters are optional. And give you additional control over how the products are displayed, as follows:-

columns By default, WooCommerce displays products in a 4-column (wide) grid. The “columns” parameter lets you change the number of columns. Eg:-

[woo-deals action=”single-promotion” name=”Xmas Specials” columns=”2″]
orderby By default, WooCommerce lists products in “title” order. The “orderby” parameter lets you select another product property to sort the products by. Some choices are: “none”, “date” (created date), “modified” (last modified date), “title” and “rand”. Eg:-

[woo-deals action=”single-promotion” name=”Xmas Specials” orderby=”rand”]

NOTE! A full list of the available “orderby” values is given about 2/3rds the way down this page. (Though not many of those listed look like they’ll do anything useful.)

order By default, WooCommerce lists products in “asc” (= ascending) order (smallest to biggest). But you can change this to“desc” (= descending) order with the “order” parameter. Eg:-

[woo-deals action=”single-promotion” name=”Xmas Specials” order=”desc”]

The routine that displays the products is the same as that called by the standard WooCommerce “products” shortcode. So calling:-

[woodeals action=”single-promotion” name=”Xmas Specials”]

is the same as calling:-

[products ids=”12,34,56…”]

Except that we’ve figured out the product “ids” for you.