Our Plugins

We create and support the WordPress and WooCommerce plugins listed below.

They’re designed to make your blog/eShop/web-site grow…

WP Selective

Export selected posts and/or pages to the same or another site.

Don’t waste hours with manual copy/paste, WP Selective Exporter lets you select and export posts/pages with the click of a checkbox.

WP Plugin

Quickly create demos of your WordPress plugins.

Why spends days if not weeks coding up your demos manually, when WP Plugin Demos lets you create attractive and user friendly plugin demos in minutes?

Woo Daily Deals

Add daily deals capabilities to your WooCommerce website.

Easy to use.  Just create one or more “Daily Deals” pages.  Then for each such page, select a product or products (from your WooCommerce store), and assign them to the day or days in the future that you want each one to appear.  You may also give each product a special deal price (otherwise the regular/sale price will be used).

Woo Daily Deals will then do the rest (automatically updating the “Daily Deals” pages as required).

Teaser Maker

Teasers are (by far) the easiest and most effective way to:-

  • add content and;
  • increase traffic

to your site.

The big boys do it.  Now you can too…


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